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TJ / Invisibool
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One of my favorite Pokemon, Unown, would get a huge buff in my fanmade pokemon generation. What kinds of buffs, you ask? Let me start from the beginning.

Unown's base stats currently are

That's pretty pathetic. Now however...

Now that's more like it! Unown's speed is doubled, and its offenses are multiplied by 1.5! Much better, yeah?

But wait, Unown's only move is Hidden Power! Why waste points on its attack? Well, Unown has plenty of new toys...

First, I made a new move called Hidden Force. It is exactly like Hidden Power, but physical.


Your new alphabetical buddy's form actually has a point! Say you have Unown H. Like any Unown, he can pack Hidden Power/Force of your liking. But won't your opponent be surprised when your little guy starts throwing out Hydro Cannon, Heat Wave and Hyper Beam? Or maybe Hone Claws and High Jump Kick? How about Howl or Harden? Perhaps Heal Order or Heal Bell?

In other words, your Unown can learn ANY move starting with its matching letter! (YES, Unown S can learn Sketch, BUT ONLY ONCE, so make that one bonus move count!!)

Unown ! And ? Kinda get the short end of the stick, but they are still able to learn any move with a non letter character in it, not including spaces. So this includes moves like Conversion2, X-Scissor, U-Turn, and Tri-Attack.

Now, as if that wasn't enough, Unown no longer have Levitate. In fact, no one does! Levitating is now an inherent factor to each individual Pokemon, of which Unown are counted as floating! So they still are immune to Ground. So what is this little guy's new ability?


Just invest all your speed into this guy and let him do his best!
Let me know what you guys think of these changes. They aren't meant to make Unown a top-tier threat, just into something useable.
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Thanks for the fave! Be sure to check out more Kagamura in STARS ABOVE, and tell me what you think!
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Know any anime shows you know?
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-No Game No Life

There might also be others I'm forgetting.
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