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New Gen Changes

Unown Overhaul (as seen in journal)

3 new types (type weaknesses and resistances not entirely complete):

Light: Differing from Dark in that it isn't based on the concept of "good", instead based literally upon lights and bright flashes.

- Strong against Dark and Ghost (Ghosts and criminals tend to not like bright light) Flying (For example, a laser pointer being shined into an airplane cockpit can be

detrimental to the pilots.) and Electric (Lights use electricity)
- Not very effective against Ice (Light can be refracted by crystalline structures) and Bug (Bugs often communicate with lights, even if they are attracted to it)

Wind: Differentiated from Flying by being based around gusts of wind. Flying is based more around birds/avians.

- Not very effective against Grass (It can take some really, really strong winds to uproot plants.) Fire (Wind can just spread a wildfire, making it worse) and Dragon

(Another elemental resistance for dragons. Dragons are powerful creatures. It stands to reason that they wouldn't be all that worried about strong winds.)
- Strong against Flying (Turbulence can be a bitch)

Sound: Most sound-based moves are sound-type.

- Strong against Psychic (loud noise is disruptive)
- Not very effective against Grass (Go ahead, yell at a tree, see what happens)
- Does nothing to Bug, unless used by another Bug type. (Bugs communicate through sound, yes, but most Sound type moves are based around yelling. Again, yell at a caterpillar and see what happens.)

Another Big Change:
- Levitate is no longer an ability. Instead being airborne is a quality dependent on the species of Pokemon. While giving an immunity to Ground-type moves, levitating

Pokemon take 1.5x damage from Wind-type attacks. Levitating is now a psuedo-ability, in that it doesn't use up the Pokemon's ability slot, but it can be suppressed or bypassed with the use of Gravity, Gastro Acid, or Mold Breaker. The list of affected Pokemon, as well as their new replacement abilities, is here:

New Airborne Pokemon.:
- Mega Charizard X
- Beedrill and Mega Beedrill
- Venomoth
- Magnemite, Magneton, and Magnezone
- Porygon, Porygon2, and Porygon-Z
- Mew
- Celebi
- Dustox
- Shedinja (Yeah, that's a game changer)
- Wailord (He's partially based on a blimp. Close enough.)
- Mega Altaria
- Castform
- Shuppet
- Dusknoir
- Glalie, Froslass, and Mega Glalie
- Beldum, Metang, and Mega Metagross
- Jirachi
- Darkrai
- Munna and Musharna
- Yamask and Cofagrigus
- Solosis, Duosion, and Reuniclus
- Vanillite, Vanillish, and Vanilluxe
- Frillish and Jellicent
- Klink, Klang, and Klinklang
- Elgyem and Beheeyem
- Lampent and Chandelure
- Volcarona
- Flabebe, Floette, and Florges
- Honedge, Doublade, and Aegislash
- Spritzee
- Inkay
- Carbink
- Klefki
- Phantump
- Pumpkaboo
- Diancie and Mega Diancie

Pokemon who had Levitate, now with their new abilities:
- Gastly: Infiltrator
- Haunter: Infiltrator
- Gengar: Infiltrator
- Koffing: Aftermath/Stench
- Weezing: Aftermath/Stench
- Misdreavus: Prankster/Infiltrator
- Mismagius: Prankster/Infiltrator
- Unown: Protean
- Vibrava: Sand Veil/Compound Eyes
- Flygon: Sand Veil/Tinted Lens
- Lunatone: Solid Rock/Lunar Power
- Solrock: Solid Rock/Solar Power
- Baltoy: Wonder Skin
- Claydol: Wonder Skin
- Duskull: Pressure/Frisk
- Chingling: Soundproof/Rattled
- Chimecho: Soundproof/Synchronize
- Latias: Synchronize
- Mega Latias: Multiscale
- Latios: Synchronize
- Mega Latios: Adaptability
- Bronzor: Stainless
- Bronzong: Stainless
- Carnivine: Bug Snatcher
- Rotom: Volt Absorb
- Uxie: Unaware/Analytic
- Mesprit: Healer/Natural Cure
- Azelf: Sheer Force/Adaptability
- Giratina Origin Forme: Pressure
- Cresselia: Telepathy
- Tynamo: Volt Absorb/Swift Swim
- Eelektrik: Volt Absorb/Swift Swim
- Eelektross: Volt Absorb/Swift Swim/Tough Claws
- Cryogonal: Snow Cloak/Regenerator/Ice Form
- Hydreigon: Anger Point/Mega Launcher (Hidden Ability)
- Etheralen: Analytic/Motor Drive
- Matrobduct: Analytic/Motor Drive
- Cryptilyth: Weak Armor/Sand Veil/Telepathy
- Hierolyth: Weak Armor/Sand Veil/Telepathy
- Solasfyre: Solar Power/Flash Fire
- Lunischyll: Lunar Power/Ice Form
- Monstar: Pressure/Lurker/Anger Point

Moves With Changed Types:

- Razor Wind
- Gust
- Whirlwind
- Hurricane

- Light Screen
- Flash

- Sing
- Supersonic
- Screech
- Roar
- Snore
- Perish Song
- Uproar
- Hyper Voice
- Chatter
- Round
- Echoed Voice
- Noble Roar
- Boomburst
- Relic Song

Pokemon With Changed Types

- A rare example of this, some Lanturn are Water/Electric, some are Water/Light.

- Electric/Light (Mega retains Electric/Dragon)

- Grass/Light

Tornadus (Incarnate Forme only)
- Wind/Flying

- Flying/Sound

Exploud Family
- Sound

- Like Lanturn, some individuals are Grass/Wind

Kricketune Family
- Bug/Sound

New Abilities and Changed Abilities:

Wonder Aura - Pokemon is immune to indirect damage as well as non-super efffective attacks. Can't be changed or copied, but can be nullified.

Gravity Warp - Upon entering the battlefield, the Pokemon randomly sets into effect either Light Gravity, or Heavy Gravity.

Brace - WWhen this Pokemon enters battle, if the opponent's combined Attack and Sp. Attack is greater than the Pokemon's combined Defense and Sp. Defense, the user's

Defense and Sp. Defense rise by two stages.

Prism Body: Provides immunity to Light-type attacks and increases Sp. Attack by one stage when struck with one.

Protocol: The Pokemon is completely immune to the effects of the four moves it knows when used by other Pokemon.

Immaterial: Contact moves used by and against this Pokemon will fail.

Thermal Body: This Pokemon changes its form when struck by a Fire or Ice attack, when using a Fire or Ice attack, or when in Hail or harsh sunlight.

Intense Toxin: This Pokemon's Poison-type attacks are at 1.5x power.

Infection: When this Pokemon is in battle, when a Pokemon consumes a Berry, that Pokemon becomes badly poisoned after the berry's effect occurs.

Lurker: When Full Moon is in effect, this Pokemon's evasion rises by 1 stage.

Stainless: This Pokemon cannot be inflicted with a status condition.

Ice Form: Provides an immunity to Ice attacks and increases the power of the user's Ice attacks.

Bug Snatcher: This Pokemon's attacks do double damage to Bug-types.

Anger Point: Maximizes Attack when hit by a critical hit, or when a single attack deals 75% or more of this Pokemon's maximum HP.

Parental Bond: First hit does .75x Power, 2nd does .5x power

Vital Spirit: No longer gives sleep immunity. This Pokemon no longer has to suffer recharge turns.

Zen Mode: Transformation can be selected in the same way as Mega Evolution.

Pickup: User removes all entry hazards on user's side of the field. Entry hazards are removed even if user faints due to said entry hazards.

Hubris: This Pokemon's Sp. Attack increases by 1 stage every time it KOs another Pokemon.

Cutting Edge: This Pokemon's Blade and slashing moves deal more damage.

Defeatist: When this Pokemon's HP drops below 50%, its Attack and Sp.Attack stats are lowered by 1 stage.

Slow Start: Now only lasts for three turns.

Sweet Dreams: When this Pokemon is in battle, sleeping Pokemon gain 12.5% of their HP at the end of each turn.

Other Changes

Hail now increases Defense of Ice-types

Steel Wing is a Flying and Steel type move

Substitutes now negate the immunities of the Pokemon behind them. (Example: A Substitute with a Pidgeot behind it will take normal damage from Ground-type attacks.)

Normal-types are now weak to Poison. Steel-types are no longer immune to the Poison-type, instead resisting it (they are still immune to being poisoned.) and are weak to Acid moves.

Destiny Knot: Works like Synchronize, but for ALL status effects, including sleep, frozen, attraction, and confusion.

Castform has a Rock form for Sandstorm, a Poison form for Acid Rain, and a Dark form for Full Moon.

Techno Blast is now a Steel-type attack.

Bonemerang deals normal damage to Flying types.

Sucker Punch is now boosted by Iron Fist.

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